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The Vow inspired by and dedicated to Mary Magdalene is there to inspire all of us to bring ever greater Love and Pleasure into our relationships.

The Planetary New Jerusalem - a Vision for the Unfolding of 'A New Heaven and a New Earth' from former Glastonbury resident, the mystic Robert Coon.

Symptoms of Inner Peace - an anonymous piece of writing that was originally put up in Heartfelt Trading of Glastonbury as enlightening decoration. We began printing and selling them when people asked for copies.....

The Belinus Line, researched by Gary Biltcliffe and Yana Nilsson is an alignment of major sacred sites, similar to the well-known Michael Line, that reaches from the Isle of Wight in the south of England to very close to Cape Wrath on Scotland's north coast.

The Mass Use of Motor Cars - you always knew there was a basic problem with it - it's one thing when not too many people have cars but something else when everyone tries to go everywhere at once in their own cars..... This paper has been given to a major planning inquiry and it shows you that while cars are very useful sometimes we cannot possibly expect to solve all our travel needs with cars.... Click Here for: The Impact of the Mass Use of Motor Cars on Lifestyle and Land Use

The three short items (The Vow of Fidelity, Symptoms of Inner Peace, and the Planetary New Jerusalem) are available as cards from Heartfelt Trading at 3 Market Place, Glastonbury

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