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The Planetary New Jerusalem is a remarkeable Vision of Planetary Evolution that was recieved in a very interesting way by a mystic who lived in Glastonbury for some years

The vision was received by Robert Coon, who has shared it with the world via his books, workshops and teachings. The full details of the vision were published by Glastonbury Circle in a book written by Robert, entitled Spheres of Destiny, in 1993 and a basic version of this vision was published before the book, by Glastonbury Circle, as a card in 1991. Before this, Robert himself published "Glastonbury and the Planetary New Jerusalem" which contained a substantial portion of the detail of the Vision.

The card is reproduced here (link below).

Various people have contacted Glastonbury Circle over the years asking to be put in touch with Robert. However, we do not undertake to make contact with Robert for you, and if you feel some sort of urge to contact Robert, then we recommend that you:

Spheres of Destiny is currently out of print, but there are copies in various libraries including Shaftesbury public library, the Library of Avalon at Glastonbury, and at least one other library in Dorset. Copies of Spheres of Destiny can also be obtained secondhand. Please contact us if you would like a copy and cannot locate one. Sometimes they can be found secondhand - it is worth trying Courtyard Books in the Glastonbury Experience courtyard if/when visiting Glastonbury, or write to them: Courtyard Books, Glastonbury Experience, 2-4 High Street, Glastonbury BA6 9DU, UK.

A note about Copyright: The information given on the card is Copyright © Robert Coon. Many people have in fact copied the information, not always with Robert's permission! We may wonder why Robert has insisted on copyrighting this information when the information is of an inspirational nature. The answer to this is that it is to maintain the accuracy of the information. Often when people have copied the information, they have done so without keeping everything completely accurate. It is easy to do this, because the details of the Vision are important although they may not appear so. This is why you need permission - so that Robert can fulfil his duty to the original Source of the information and check for himself that your copy is accurate.

Financially, the distibution of the information in an accurate form is the important thing, but anyone who makes money from copying this information needs to make a contribution to the source of the information by way of acknowledgement. As we did and as any publisher would when we published Spheres of Destiny....

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The 13 Cardinal Sites of the First Phase of the Planetary New Jerusalem

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