The 7 Planetary Chakras and the 12 Gates of the Planetary New Jerusalem


THE NEW JERUSALEM IS: A pattern of unfoldment of new energies on Earth which is already underway, which started in fact in 1965 when energies from Mount Shasta in California stimulated many residents of the West Coast of the USA to enter the consciousness changes of the "Flower Power" period.

The energies are currently flowing from 12 main sacred sites and areas of the Earth's surface. This flow will increase in cycles of about 19 years, emanating from an additional 27 sites in this cycle and 39 sites in each of 3 more cycles, and gradually spreading in larger and larger circles to cover the whole of the Earth, centred on the total of 156 sites! This process will he complete between 2065 and 2084.


Take time out to visit the sites (shown on this card) and other places known to have special energies and take notice of how they are different from other places. Notice how you feel when you are there. Notice any thoughts and inspirations that you have. Take time to relax, enjoy and digest this information. "New Jerusalem: The Reality created on this earth when all death and suffering have been abolished." - from "A Glossary for the New Jerusalem" in "Glastonbury and the planetary New Jerusalem" by Robert Coon. This book describes the Planetary New Jerusalem in some (but not full) detail.

For further information, do look at the other information displayed on this Web Site about the Planetary New Jerusalem. You are welcome to contact us if you would like to know more, as long as you are willing to be patient if we do not reply immediately. What we will probably do, in response to any feedback, is display more information here. Watch out for "FAQ - The Planetary New Jerusalem" ...??!!

The 7 Planetary Chakras and the 12 Gates of the Planetary New Jerusalem

Copyright © Robert Coon 1991. No reproduction without permission from Robert Coon. Published and distributed by Glastonbury Circle on this web page and also as a printed card. The card is available price £0.40 from Heartfelt Trading, 3 Market Place, Glastonbury.

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