Reconnect Journeys

Balancing the Male and Female energies within ourselves and within the landscape.


Yana and Gary

With Yana and Gary



A magical journey to England's mystical sacred sites including:- Stone circles, Sacred wells, Legendary castles. Visiting Dorset, Cornwall, Avebury, Stonehenge and Glastonbury.


A journey to the Emerald Isle, land of myth and legend. Visiting Dublin, Tara, Boyne Valley, Loughcrew, Hill of Uisnech, Lough Gur and Dingle, home of a lone wild dolphin called Fungi.


A journey to some of the remotest holy and prehistoric places. Visiting Arran, Dunadd Fort, Kilmartin Valley (known as the Neolithic valley of the Kings), the isle of Iona, Mull and Skye,

About us

Through our journeys together we have been guided and led to discover many forgotten and undiscovered sacred sites as well as exploring and connecting with the more famous ones. We have both had a strong connection to and have been working with sacred sites for many years. Since our meeting at a Holy Well in Cornwall we have explored the importance of balancing the Male and Female energies both with ourselves and within the land. This has lead us to work in a geomythic way combining myths and legends with the landscape, working with earth energies, their acupuncture points and the global grid. We work in an intuitive way with the elementals and guardians of each site and through guided meditations and visualisations re-awaken our inner understanding of our ancient roots and karmic connections with these sacred places. We lecture on various esoteric and healing topics and give guided tours. One of our projects has been the Belinus Line. This energy line flows through the longest tract of land North -South and travels through many important historical and sacred sites in England and Scotland, and like the Michael Line also has a Male and Female counterpart. The Michael Line which was first discovered by John Michell and later dowsed by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst travels through the longest tract of land East-West encompassing some of Englands' most sacred sites.

Gary has spent most of his life visiting and researching Britains' sacred sites. He has a unique way of combining his psychic abilities with folklore, legend and archaeological information to unlock some of the great historical mysteries. His talks on these subjects and explanations of these mysteries inspire many people. He also dowses and teaches others to divine earth energies.

Yana has lectured and facilitated on many healing and earth energy courses as well as pilgrimages over the years. She is an experienced Transpersonal Counsellor and Bodyworker and her compassion and gentle natural healing abilities enables her to assist people on their journey of inner transformation. She also works with and makes Flower Essences from sacred places around the world.

Come and join us as we explore, dowse, do ceremony, have fun and heal together on the ancient land of our ancestral Celtic roots!


Reconnect Journeys 1

A Journey to England's most sacred sites

The journey begins deep in the heart of ancient Dorset, land of thatched cottages and cream teas, where lie beautiful wells and springs in the midst of sacred sites of our ancestors. Here we can relax, surrounded by the stunning scenery of the Dorset rolling hills, sacred wells, and monuments. (see below).

hel.jpgCorfe Castle

We will then travel to Cornwall, a mystical and mysterious land with a wealth of ancient stone circles and standing stones. Here can be found the most sacred and holy wells some of which lie hidden at the end of pathways worn by the feet of pilgrims - past and present. We will visit stone circles and sacred wells, with the most extraordinary energies, walk beneath the earth into the mysterious fogou's (chambers of ceremonial rituals). Visiting St. Michael's Mount we can dowse the famous Michael and Mary earth energy lines which weave their way across the sacred sites of Cornwall. We conclude our journey to Cornwall staying in Tintagel, the legendary birthplace of King Arthur, where you can see the remains of the castle set on a magnificent headland by the sea beneath which is the sacred cave of Merlin. (Sites in Cornwall we will visit below).

Stone CircleSpring at Sancreed, CornwallSt. Michaels Mount

We then journey to the rolling chalk hills of Wiltshire home of our earliest ancestors, where we will stay nearby and visit the most sacred places in the ceremonial landscape temple of Avebury. Here we will tread in the footsteps of the ancients as we do pilgrimage beginning at the Sanctuary (the head of the serpent) then walking the West Kennett sacred stone avenue (the neck of the serpent) and the largest stone circle in the world at Avebury village (the body of the serpent). We will also take you to a very special place known as the tail of the serpent. As we journey we will again be connecting with the Michael and Mary lines that weave their way through this sacred place. Silbury Hill the largest man made mound in Europe once resembled a step pyramid and plays an important role within the landscape of Avebury. In the area we shall visit the current Crop Circles and visit the famous Barge pub for the latest information and meet with other "croppie" enthusiasts. (Avebury below).

AveburySilbury HillCrop circle

Stonehenge is the most remarkable stone structure in Europe, and has been specially reserved for our private group ceremony.


Glastonbury. Here in the ancient Isle of Avalon, place of magic and legend we shall follow in the footsteps of Joseph of Arimathea and visit the Holy Thorn Tree. The atmospheric ruins of the great abbey once the richest in the land, where legend says the Christ child and his uncle Joseph of Arimathea built the first Christian shrine in Britain. Here in Avalon we shall again connect with the Michael and Mary lines which meet in the Abbey and dance together around the labyrinth of the sacred hill known as the Tor (below). Our stay here will be at the Chalice Well Retreat House which lies in a beautiful garden where the red spring brings forth healing water, a place to relax and meditate.

Glastonbury TorChalice Well, Glastonbury

All accommodation has been specially selected for their atmosphere and charm to suit the needs of the group. Transportation is by private minibus which includes a round trip from London airports.

Reconnect Journeys 2

A 12 day Journey around the Sacred Sites of the Emerald Isle

We begin our journey in Dublin the capital and cultural centre of Ireland. We sample Irish music and Guinness whilst preparing for our adventure. Driving south we visit a beautiful castle, a temple dedicated to Isis where we can explore the sacred Yew grove in the grounds. At Cork we may kiss the Blarney stone, visit a Druid Altar see a mystical Cathedral, and experience the natural energies focused at Drombeg Stone Circle (see picture below).

NewgrangeDrombegLia Fail

Driving to the famous Ring of Kerry we visit Killarney and a stone circle with the most amazing gateway, passing the sacred mountains of the Goddess Anu (Pap's of Anu). We then visit an area considered to be the Avebury of Ireland a complex of stone circles and mounds set around a mystical lake known as the womb of the Goddess. Explore the beautiful area of Sligo, visit Holy Wells, Tombs and Stone Circles by the sea. Travelling east we visit one of the most important energy sites, known as the navel of Ireland. A prehistoric Goddess centre of Legendary Kings, where lie many holy wells. We shall visit Kells and a mystical hill where each passage tomb on the hill aligns to a Solar or Lunar festival. Tara, seat of the high Kings of Ireland crowned on the Lia Fail (The Stone of Destiny). Gary will talk about the true history of the Lia Fail, how the stone came to Ireland from its origins in Egypt and eventually settled in Scotland. We will spend time in the Boyne valley making our pilgrimage to the most finest passage tombs in Europe, Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth. We will explain the purpose of these tombs and talk about the culture that built them, as well as the folklore and legends.


Reconnect Journeys 3

Scotland and the Sacred Isles - a ten day journey

Our ten day journey will take us through the most spectacular scenery in Britain, visiting some of the most remotest holy and prehistoric places.

Starting from Glasgow we will visit Arran via ferry and spend time on this beautiful island sacred to the megalithic priesthood. There are several unique stone circles and ceremonial chambers on the island set in breathtaking scenery warmed by the Gulf stream. Gary will reveal the mysterious history of the island and how it was a very important geomantic site for our ancestors. There are ancient castles and holy wells to visit. We return to the mainland. and visit a place known as the 'Neolithic Valley of the Kings' where we can enter some of the tombs of our most ancient ancestors and marvel at the beauty of this prehistoric valley. Oban is a great place to stop and shop for quality crafts and Celtic jewellery. We stay overnight here and catch the ferry the next morning on our way to Iona. We make a pilgrimage to the 'Cradle of Christianity' the holiest of islands sacred to the ancient Druids. Here we can experience a thin veiled atmosphere with beaches of white sand and serpentine pebbles.


Mull 'the fairest of Isles' contrasting beauty and a wealth of historic sites makes this an island to remember. We visit sacred wells, stone circles, and Duart Castle, restored in 1912 by the Maclean's. Skye is an island with rural communities quite untouched by modern day. One of the highlights of Skye is Dunvegan Castle, where you can see the legendary Fairy Flag given to the Mcleod's by the 'Little people'. We cross the sea again to the Isle of Lewis to see the most spectacular and complete Callanish Stones. We return to Glasgow visiting Loch Ness on the way.

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This is our fourth successful year of leading these journeys. Below are some pictures of groups we have guided.

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